Services & Rates


Our massage treatments will assure you total relaxation by creating a harmonious balance within the body, mind, & soul. Our licensed therapists utilize essential oils & lotions combined with various strokes to enhance the desired results from a massage. It is our goal for you to leave feeling ultimate relaxation as if you went on a mini vacation.

Swedish Massage: 60min $80 or 90min $120.
Unwind with this soothing relaxation massage that helps relieve stress & increase overall circulation.

Deep Tissue: 60min $90 or 90min $130
Ideal for those physically active. Incorporates the traditional movements of the Swedish massage with deep tissue movements to affect deeper structures of the body. Helps soothe & relieve tightness, fatigue & joint pain.

Volcanic River Stone: 60min $100 or 90min $130
This is an ancient ritual that has been practiced over the centuries by Native Americans. The heated volcanic river stones are used as an extension of the hands, penetrating deep into the layers of your muscles. Complete muscle-melting bliss.

Pre-Natal Massage: 60min $90
Recommended for the mom-to-be in her second & third trimester (12 weeks to full-term pregnancy). This light massage assists in releasing lower back pain, water retention, stress & sciatica.

Couples Massage: 60min $150 or 90min $220
Enjoy our signature Swedish massage with a choice of essential oils. Relax as our candles surround you in a romantic setting.

Sport massage: 60min $90 or 90min $130

Sports massage is designed to prepare the athlete for their best performance, reduce fatigue, and relieve muscle swelling and tension. During physical activity—especially strenuous—muscle tension builds up in the body’s soft tissues. Due to overextension or overuse, minor injuries and lesions occur in these tissues that can cause a great deal of pain and poor athletic performance. Sports massage helps alleviate pain and prevent such injuries that greatly affect flexibility, mobility, response time, and overall performance in athletic events.

Cupping massage: 60min $85 or 90min $125

Physiologic Benefits of Massage Cupping Therapy A simple five to 15 minute session of massage cupping helps the body in many ways. The body’s response results in encouraged healing of injuries and an alleviation of the symptoms of many medical conditions. The following are the physiologic benefits of massage cupping therapy :

  • Deep tissue release ,Helps to balance pH levels and cleans the lymph and blood, Drains fluids and moves stagnation, Nervous system sedation, Stretches connective tissues and muscle,  Pulls blood to the skin, Dispels damp, cold and wind to treat joint pain, arthritis, stiffness and muscle pain, Treats fever, depression, excess heat conditions, anxiety and stress, Removes toxic pathogens, Promotes nutrient-rich, oxygenated lymph and blood, Relieves inflammation, Breaks up congestion and then expels it, Loosens adhesions, Stimulates blood and qi movement locally and systemically, Promotes lymphatic fluid flow and helps to strengthen the immune system—